Gravestones Advice

Losing a love one is a very difficult moment in one’s life and nothing can really prepare you to deal with it ( In addition to dealing with your grief, there are several other decisions and arrangements to be made in the case of such unfortunate events.

Special and practical ways to honour a lost loved one

Flowers placed on a grave will just wither away and be lost forever. Flowers may also just be washed away with the rain or blown away by a windy day. When you lose someone you love, you want to remember them always. Instead you can avail of staypot flower holder on a grave stone which is specially designed to hold flowers in place.

For that long lasting effect another option is to go with artificial flowers. With many people preferring to be cremated than a burial, a large choice of designs for ashen caskets is also available for the ashes ( Ashen caskets are also a great way to keep a part of your loved one with you at home. For example ashen caskets can be use to keep a lock of hair.

New ideas that make lasting memorial markers

There are several other memorial markers available which are unique and long lasting. An eterna light memorial makes you’re specially chosen words engraved on it shine as a beacon of remembrance.

The memorial runs on a solar powered battery and is automatically re-charged in the daytime. There are many designs for children’s memorial markers also, the most popular being the angel shape. You can also have more intimate memorial markers such as heart shaped gravestones or ceramic engraved photo frames.

The advantages of ordering memorial markers online

The loss of a loved one will leave you in a difficult position of have to deal with many different issues. To make this difficult phase a little easier, online stores offer great and affordable services with regards to memorial markers ( You can send the personal customizations you want engraved and a preview will be emailed to you free of charge.

If you wish to continue, you can go ahead and place your order and children’s memorial markers, ashen caskets or any other will be delivered to you within 15-20 days. Looking at the prices you will not think twice before placing an order. All gravestones are designed such that they easy fixable by you yourself.