Glass-Blown Bongs

When many people hear the word bong they think of a tobacco smoking device. While a person can smoke tobacco out of this device a glass bongs has many other functions as well. Glass bongs can be used as art to help decorate a room.

Glass art bongs come in a variety of shapes. Some of the less expensive bongs can still run a person around $50. The larger glass bongs that will really make a statement in a room can run as much as $5,000. The bongs can be custom ordered so a person can get the shape and the size that will fit into the design of their room.

These glass bongs come in a number of different colors. There is a design that can fit every room. These bongs can have swirl pattern and have different colors running through it. Bongs can also be used to hold flowers in a room.

Bongs are no longer just for smoking tobacco. A bong can be colorful and have intricate designs when made by a blown glass artist. A bong can add a decorative touch to a room. Bongs are made with quality craftsmanship by professional glass blowers so they are more than just tobacco smoking devices, they are works of art.

Blow a glass bong perfectly